Friday, August 27, 2010


Dear friends,

Don’t forget to breathe each day. Breathing each day will help you to get in the flow and start living life fully. Do you want to be fully present in each moment? If so, now is the time to breathe. Breath connects us to love and the source of creation.

It is through breath that one can be fully present; therefore, we can’t be in stress or in fear otherwise we won’t be able to breathe fully. Do you want to be freed of blocks? Breathing, and doing breath work, can help you get back into the flow of life. It is through breath that you will feel renewed and connected to the flow of source. Also by breathing you bring oxygen to your system helping to disintegrate the physical effects created by stress.

Life becomes a wondrous journey when we remember our connection to love. Love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others. We will be talking about this in further detail at a later date; however, today you are being asked to show love to yourself and all those that cross your path.

We are being reminded that when we get caught up in fears, building our self images, along with holding onto the physical realm, we miss the signs that guide us along the path of our soul’s journey. It is through our human experiences that our souls are experiencing remarkable opportunities for growth.

It is about remembering our true selves and giving of who we are in every moment that not only shifts our own consciousness, but shifts the soul consciousness of humanity.

By letting go and opening to the love that is within, we each can discover inner peace and focus on all the blessings and miracles that each moment brings.

Einstein stated that no problem is solved from the same consciousness that created it. It is through shifting your energy and aligning it with the Higher Power, that more often then not the old problems seem to no longer be there. Now you are in the flow and are starting to live life.

Peace, Love, Light, & Blessings,

Charlene St. Sauveur, RMT, ACAR

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