Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reiki Verses Massage

This information is being provided to make it easy for someone seeking a Reiki session to make an informed decision. Charlene is not a doctor or psychologist. Reiki treatments include, but are not limited to relaxation and feelings of peace and well-being. The most she guarantees is relaxation and stress reduction. Charlene feels the public should be made aware of the different types of healing modalities that are available for one's own healing since many are unaware of what is available.   

Reiki is a simple laying on hands technique, and can be practiced without touching anyone. Reiki is not massage and the person remains fully clothed. Reiki is a non-invasive healing energy that is channeled through the hands which affects the spirit and soul. Massage is a manipulative technique using the hands which affects the physical body. Reiki is simply an alternative healing technique that provides great value to the receiver.

The NCCAM defines five distinct domains of complementary and alternative healing practices. Reiki is listed under "Energy Therapies", which are "intended to affect the energy fields that surround and penetrate the human body. According to the NCCAM, "Reiki is based on the belief that by channeling spiritual energy through the practitioner, the spirit is healed, and it in turn heals the physical body." Conversely, massage is listed under the "Manipulative and Body-Based Methods", which are defined as "methods that are based on manipulation and/or movement of the body", wherein "massage therapists manipulate the soft tissues of the body to normalize those tissues."

Reiki is a gentle, simple technique that anyone can learn. The Japanese words "Rei" and "Ki", when combined, translate to mean "life energy of a spiritual nature", "the spiritual power of God", or "Universal Life Force Energy". The ability to do Reiki is passed from the Reiki Master/Teacher to the student through attunements.

One doesn’t need to change one’s religious beliefs in order to practice Reiki. People of all religious backgrounds practice Reiki and continue to maintain their original religious beliefs. It is through these beliefs that bring people together of all religions in a spirit of harmony and trust. It is a way of bringing world peace. For those who are Christian, please visit

There are no official records that are available as to how many people have Reiki training; however, it is estimated that there are at least a million people who have Reiki training in the US today. Reiki has also helped lower health-care costs through the US improving the health and well-being of many people along with creating a source of income. In many ways Reiki is truly a miracle and is very powerful.

Reiki practitioners are not licensed health-care providers. If clients are in need of medical care, they are encouraged to seek help from a licensed health-care provider.  To learn more about Charlene, please visit her website at

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